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Calisthenics, Kalistenix, Calisthenics, Street Workout, Ring Training - Well, which one is it?

The difficult term Calisthenics or in German use Kalistenix, stands paradoxically for the simple & easy training with the own body weight. The Calisthenics movement was born on the street and tried to make the sporting content of the dusty gymnastics popular again. Gymnastic rings and ring training are a part of Calisthenics, as well as exercises on bars, the parallel bars, with boxes and everything else that can be found on the street or in Calisthenics Parcs.

Your partner for calisthenics training - Which training equipment can we offer you?

In order to be able to use your own body weight sensibly and without limitations for muscle building and strength training, one or the other training accessory is necessary. At the beginning we focused on the perfect pair of gymnastics rings, because with Gym Rings you are able to train your whole body for several years without limits. You will also find other sports equipment that will make it easier for you to get started with calisthenics.

Who is behind DIE RINGE?

We, DIE RINGE, are a young start up from Cologne. Paul and Eric founded DIE RINGE during their studies at the German Sport University. Both love strength training with their own body weight, as well as gymnastics. However, they were baffled that there was hardly any guidance on how best to get started with calisthenics or ring training and build strength and muscle with bodyweight training only. The two wanted to change that and began developing the DIE RINGE training app and designing training equipment for calisthenics.

What is the mission of DIE RINGE?

Getting started with bodyweight training the right way can often be confusing and complex. However, with good guidance and know how, structured strength training has many health benefits. In today's digital age, we move less and less and therefore rely on everyday exercise, sports and strength training for our health. That's why we set a goal to give every person access to strength training with meaningful digital content and quality training equipment, so that everyone can succeed in learning their first pull-up.... and nine more after that!