Quality That Convinces

Wooden Gymnastics Rings - Built to Last a Lifetime

Our wooden gymnastics rings redefine standards of quality and durability. Through careful selection of premium materials and precise craftsmanship, we offer you training equipment designed for a lifetime of enjoyment.

Durability: Stainless Steel vs. Cast Iron

Gymnastic Rings with Secure Lock

Experience the difference in quality: Our gymnastic rings straps feature robust stainless steel quick-release buckles for the highest safety. Durable, coated stainless steel buckles provide exceptional break resistance and secure hold, even under extreme conditions such as outdoor use. We do not use uncoated cast iron clasps, which are prone to quick wear and breakage.


Strap Quality: Embroidered Markings vs. Fading Print

Durable Straps for Gymnastic Rings

It's not only the gymnastic ring but also the strap that makes a difference: Your safety and comfort are our top priorities. That's why our straps are designed to be extra wide to provide both. A standout feature is the embroidered length markings that remain visible and do not fade, unlike printed numbers that can wear off over time and become hard to read. We ensure durability and reliability in every detail.


You Have the Choice!

A matching pair of rings for your workouts.

Discover the intricacies that make our Premium Set and Essential rings unique. Each set is meticulously crafted with attention to detail and a focus on superior quality. While our Premium Set shines with additional features and exclusive materials, the Essential rings offer excellent value for money and are perfect for beginners. Explore the differences here and find the set that suits your training style.

Choose your perfect grip

28mm VS 32mm Gymnastic Rings

Choose between the 28mm rings from our Essential collection, crafted from lightweight, environmentally friendly birch wood, ideal for precise grip control and competition standards, or the 32mm rings from our Premium Set, made of durable beech wood, perfect for wider hands and intense training sessions. The Essential rings offer a cost-effective, sports-ready option, while the Premium Set promises durability and comfort for demanding workouts.




The comparison

Essential vs. Premium Set

All differences between our 28mm birch wood gymnastic rings and 32mm beech wood gymnastic rings at a glance:

Extra long straps (4.8m)

Embroidered length markings

Secure stainless steel clasp

Door anchor included

The choice is yours: perfectly equipped for every ring training session!

Regardless of which of our ring pairs you choose, rest assured that you're getting the best equipment for your ring training. Our wooden rings offer top quality and comfort to help you achieve your fitness goals. Take the next step in your ring workouts with the confidence that you're making the right choice.

Calisthenics equipment for your effective training

We love calisthenics and ring training. That's why we want to transfer the passion we feel for the sport into the DIE RINGE calisthenics equipment. Whether you are looking for gymnastic rings, parallettes or other calisthenics accessories, we want to offer you products that support you optimally in your training. We think through all our training equipment from the athlete's point of view and train with it ourselves every day. No matter if you want to do strength training at home, in the park or in the gym, with DIE RINGE products you choose excellent quality. We are already working on new and helpful sports accessories, which will give you even more possibilities to train in the areas of ring training, calisthenics or Wheighted Calisthenics.

The perfect team: training equipment and calisthenics training program

Our range of training equipment is designed for meaningful and thoughtful training. The accessories harmonize perfectly with the training content of the DIE RINGE app. Accordingly, you will only find products in our store that we consider relevant for the niche of calisthenics and weight training. We don't want to sell you training equipment that will gather dust in the corner after a short time, but rather convince you in the long run of a sport that will really change you and your body. At DIE RINGE we combine high quality training equipment with sensible calisthenics training plans.