Dinahs Erfolgsstory

After my pregnancy I had bad back pain every day. I have been training with the DIE RINGE app for 3 years now and my back is doing great.

Dinah M.

A new stage in life

Dinah is a sports teacher and has always enjoyed doing sports. But as a mother, there was hardly any time and energy for sports. As a result, she gained 11kg.

Warning sign: Back pain!

The persistent back pain was the reason for a change. Dinah also couldn't do a pull-up anymore and decided to try DIE RINGE. In the video you can see her first Skin The Cat attempt.

First progress

Dinah celebrated her first successes after just 3 months. The pull-up finally worked again and the regular training with the DIE RINGE app showed its effect.

The right decision

Dinah has rediscovered her passion for sports. After doing pull-ups, she is now on her way to Skin The Cat. She feels good about her body and no longer has back pain.

Dinah's recommendation

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